We’ve all heard about Asbestos, we all know its dangerous and kills, however there is a large amount of workers who ignore the safety controls or assume that it wont affect them.

Absestos was finally banned in the UK as late as 1999, this means that your house if it was built prior to 1999 could contain asbestos, especially in artex ceilings and walls.  Whilst Asbestos remains undisturbed and in-tact, it poses a very little risk to you or your colleagues, however once an attempt to remove it has started, or you drill, cut or chisel through it, the risks greatly rise.

In the UK each year there are approximately –

5000 deaths associated with Asbestos,

12,000 lung disease deaths that can be linked to past exposure

20,000 estimated new cases of self-reported breathing or lung problems cause by or made worse by work in 2017/18

4000 estimated deaths annually from COPD where occupational exposure contributed towards it.

Most construction sites require some form of Asbestos awareness training, this shows that the contractor has a good ethic towards site safety and ensures that any workers are aware of what to look out for whilst on site.  Be Safe Northwest provide an interactive e-learning course that is UKATA approved and allows you and your workers to be certified within an hour.

In addition to training, it is essential that anyone who is exposed to dust, vapours, fumes or possible asbestos are provided with a suitable tight fitting face mask AND it is fit tested to ensure it is suitable.  All workers who wear one also need to be aware, that the mask will only protect you if you are CLEAN shaven ! any stubble, beard, mustache or goatee could stop the mask working, even if you cannot detect the fumes inside the mask yourself.

For more information on the E-learning courses, please visit http://www.online-safety-training.co.uk or for information on our H&S services including Face fit testing, please visit http://www.besafenorthwest.co.uk 

Don’t be a statistic, keep yourself alive and well.


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