During the current period of high temperatures your health and safety is of importance.  Whilst there is no upper limit to working temperatures (unlike cold temperatures) you still need to ensure that you remain safe and healthy during the working day.


1 – Sun cream

Please ensure that if you are working outside that you apply sun cream regularly (minimum of SPF20, SPF50 recommended) to ensure that you do not expose yourself to the suns rays that could cause long term health issues.  Apply cream as often as required but please ensure that it does not affect your PPE or other safe working practises (i.e. making hands slippy and unable to hold tools correctly).


2 – Water

Please ensure that you drink regularly during the day.  Site will provide access to drinking water if required, If you are struggling to find access to drinking water please contact either your manager or the office.  Monitor hydration levels during loo breaks, the more dehydrated you are the darker/yellow urine is.  Drinking water and juices will correct this problem (avoid excessive coffee as this will dehydrate you more).


3 – Breaks

If you are working with heavy equipment or heavily active please ensure that you take short breaks in the shade to recover, 5 mins in every 1 hour would be suitable.  Also refrain from smoking as this will delay the recovery process.


4 – Cooling off

You can quickly cool off by standing in the shade, wearing a hat or running cold water over hands or wrists will cool you down quickly.  In a First emergency, shelter the patient from the Sun with coats, jackets or sheeting.  Call emergency services if they go unconscious  and provide water for the patient to drink, applying wet cloths the the forehead will also reduce their temperature, as well as loosening tight clothing.